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Are your habits defining you or are you defining your habits?

At Transformation by Design Inc, we want you to live the healthiest life possible. Our programs are simple, easy to follow, and designed for all types of schedules. If followed correctly, these programs can lead to lifelong transformation. The secret to our successful track record is that along with a structured plan and support, we incorporate Healthy Habits in everything our clients do.

In our personal pursuit of health, we found a simple nutrition plan that does not require time consuming exercise or food prep. As parents of four we are passionate about sharing the simplicity of what is possible and empowering others to achieve health and hope.

Our 4 Components

Predictable Results for Busy Lives

  • 1. Your Coach

  • One-on-one personal support is what sets our program apart from other lifestyle programs available. I’ll be there to guide you on this journey and help you develop healthy new habits and make healthy choices that lead to lifelong transformation. Study after study shows that support and guidance increase your chance for success in reaching your optimal weight. We’ll help keep you accountable and we’ll celebrate your successes along the way…the little ones and the big ones!

  • 2. The Habits of Health System

  • Developed by Dr. Wayne Andersen, the Habits of Health system is an innovative lifestyle approach that contains everything you need to replace unhealthy habits with healthier ones. Adopting these habits contributes to your long-term success.

    With the Habits of Health system, you’ll be learning new Healthy Habits in bite sized pieces…and these powerful habits support you in creating the healthy life you want.

  • 3. Our Community

  • In addition to your Coach, you’ll have access to support from our Community of like-minded people who are all focused on creating better health. From live and recorded video conferences and support calls, to Nutrition Support, to client focused support groups, to online support and more, our Community is an important aspect to your success.

    Create the HABITS that will TRANSFORM your life!

  • 4. Healthy Nutrition

  • With our various nutritional plans, our goal is to get your body to enter into a gentle but efficient fat-burning state, which is essential for helping you lose weight.

    You’ll enjoy six small meals a day spaced every 2 to 3 hours apart. In most cases, five of your meals are delicious, scientifically-designed fuelings and the sixth meal consists of a meal you prepare yourself that we call your “lean & green” meal. It’s a healthy amount of lean protein and 3 servings of non-starchy vegetables. You’ll also want to drink 64 oz. of water a day.

    It’s a proven system and it’s easy to follow.

      What we are offering:

    • Eat More & Work Out Less

    • No Calorie Counting or Food Prep

    • Proven Health Plans & Programs

    • Health Care Professional Supported

    • No Shaming or Guilt

    • Your best life is our GOAL!


    Who are we?

    Lynnae Yates

    Certified Health Coach

    Life, love and the pursuit of...well everything! So many times we all lose sight of what we want in this reactionary life and just focus on what we don't want. 

    So how did we get here? 

    That's where having a coach is a total game changer. We aren't here to tell you what's right or wrong with your life. We are here to partner with you on the things that are most important to you!! 


    Terry Yates

    Certified Health Coach

    I love this picture becuase It reminds me that the battle for your thoughts is REAL!  

    Yes, I'm a little crazy, but the truth is that I was held up by my own habits and ways of thinking so long that I just can't help but be passionate about helping others get past their fears and step into all that we have been created for!


    Interested in JOINING our MISSION?

    We are seeking self-motivated individuals with a heart to help people. As you succeed in your own health journey, your transformation will be an inspiration to others. As a Health Coach, you'll have the opportunity to impact lives while building a business that can transform your own.



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